PURiGUARD Anti-Microbial Wet Suits

Introducing PURiGUARD We now offer neoprene products using PURiGUARD fabrics - an IST exclusive antimicrobial neoprene series that protects and shields divers from harmful bacteria and odors. PURiGUARD is made with an eco-friendly process that requires less chemicals, water, and energy. PURiGUARD fabrics are Zinc-treated and embedded with Zinc ions that damage DNA in bacteria cells and...

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How to Choose the Right Wetsuit | A Buying Guide

If you live outside of the tropics and you plan to spend any extended amount of time outdoors and underwater, you’re going to need a wetsuit to help keep you warm, happy, and alive. We put together a wetsuit buying guide to help you learn what to look for, whether it’s your first one, or you’re already looking for your next one. A wetsuit is an investment, and the effort and time...

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