PURiGUARD Anti-Microbial Wet Suits

Introducing PURiGUARD We now offer neoprene products using PURiGUARD fabrics - an IST exclusive antimicrobial neoprene series that protects and shields divers from harmful bacteria and odors. PURiGUARD is made with an eco-friendly process that requires less chemicals, water, and energy. PURiGUARD fabrics are Zinc-treated and embedded with Zinc ions that damage DNA in bacteria cells and...

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Ceramic Line Cutter ScubaLab Best Buy

Our K22 Ceramic Line Cutter was just named a ScubaLab 2020 Best Buy in Scuba Diving Magazine’s April Issue. The editors put over a dozen of the latest diving knives from the top diving brands to the test, and rated each according to cutting ability, ergonomics, and durability. They described our Ceramic Line Cutter as “unassuming. . . but really gets the job done.” Line cu...

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